Saturday, December 15, 2007

Alan Coats Wins Masters 40-44

Alan (James) Coats of Campbell, Calif., didn't let a 12th row start get in the way of winning the Masters 40-44 race.

"I was here in 2000 when it was snow and ice and I swore then that I'd never be back," Coats said.

Troy Tucker turned heads by crossing the finish line with his bike on his shoulder. The Nashville, Tenn., rolled his front tire off the rim on the final trip up the stairs and had to run the final 600 meters.


veloandvino said...


Stars and Bars!

Congrats from all of us, nice fricking holeshot.

colbrio said...


Everyone back home sends hearty congratulations on a great race under conditions which turned out to be favorable to you! You make the Specialized and the Morgan Stanley/24 Hour Fitness/Specialized/Team Spine organization proud.