Thursday, December 13, 2007

Bavineau Overcomes Mishaps

In his own words, Beverly, Mass., resident Marc Bavineau (ECV), 31, rode a race “fueled by adrenaline" to capture the win in the B men’s 30-39 category. Raw power became his tool, which he used to carve out a victory.

“Over the course of the first lap I moved to the front and a couple guys in front of me bobbled,” Bavineau said. “Then I got a chance to get up front. From there, I just didn’t look back. I crashed twice, ripped a shifter off my bike and rode half a lap with no rear brake or shifting.”

Despite those mishaps, he recovered fast enough to put a 25-second lead into second-place Gary Douville (NEBC – CycleLoft) by the end. He said his win erases the frustration of a number of runner-up finishes. At last year’s national championships, Bavineau was 58th in the 30-34 age group race.

Farther back at the start of the race, Wiley Mosley (Specialized – North Atlantic Velo) stomped on his pedals a bit too eagerly and snapped his chain.

“The first 40 or 50 yards, my chain broke and I had to run,” Mosley said. “I don’t really know how far, but quite far.”

On foot, Mosley sped for the pits, where he momentarily ran helter-skelter looking for his backup bike. With the new bike beneath him, Mosley took off to redeem a lousy start and he succeeded – somewhat – by weaving his way through traffic to finish 40th out of 117 starters. Mosley will take his chances two more times this weekend in the 30-34 men’s and single-speed categories.

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