Sunday, December 16, 2007

Marko LaLonde Wins Singlespeed Race

Marko LaLonde of Madison, Wisc., powered across the finish line first to win the non-championship Singlespeed category race.

LaLonde took the lead midway through the first of five laps and with two laps to go, his lead was 35 seconds. Turning times of just about eight-and-a-half-minutes a lap, LaLonde was within a few seconds of posting the best lap times of the entire event - a mark currently held by Steve Tilford in the Masters 45-49 race.

“The main thing was staying upright because it was so rutted," LaLonde. "You had to stay really light on the handlebars and let the ruts take you. If you tried to fight it, you were going down."

Patrick Morrissey of Albuquerque, N.M., surprised even himself by moving up six places on the final lap to finish fourth.

“I was just thinking I had to put together a clean lap and I did,” Morrissey said.

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