Friday, December 14, 2007

Catherine Walberg Wins Masters 45-49

First to congratulate Catherine Walberg of Topeka, Kan., on her win in the Masters Women 45-49 race was four-time cyclocross national champion Steve Tilford, who also hails from Walberg's hometown of Topeka, Kan.

"That was awesome, so awesome," Tilford said as he emphatically hugged Walberg.

Walberg said the friends and family and fans who cheered her on are the ones who helped "make it happen."

"I really felt motivated by them," she said. "There was a lot of pressure for this race because I won last year. It is practically our hometown and we want to do everything right."

Walberg said she rode the course with Tilford Thursday afternoon and then again Friday morning.

"Steve showed me all the lines," she said.

Still, Walberg said she struggled at the beginning of her 45-minute event.

"At the start, I was kind of frozen in place but then about mid-race I started to really get going. I settled in and really let the course help me win."

Shannon Gibson of El Paso, Texas, won the Women's 40-44 race.

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