Saturday, December 15, 2007

SRAM Keeps The Racers Rolling

SRAM’s crack neutral support team of Butch Balzano, Jose Alcala and Merlyn Townley are keeping the competitors rolling at this year’s USA Cycling National Cyclocross Championships.

Balzano said every day has brought a little something different.

“As the sun came up on the first day (Thursday), it got a little muddy, which changed the dynamics of the race and the bikes got a lot dirtier,” Balzano said. “Because it’s really cold today, we’re expecting the bikes won’t get as dirty, so it’ll be a case of keeping the lube on the chain. I don’t think we’ll have as many bike changes.

Keeping spare bikes clean comes at a price in sub-freezing temperatures, Balzano said.

“The water from the bike wash would freeze in the cables and the drive train and then the bike wouldn’t shift,” he said.

SRAM is based out of Providence, R.I., and has provided neutral support and service at more than 100 events this year.

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