Saturday, December 15, 2007

Andy Jacques-Maynes Wins Men's 30-34

On Memorial Day Weekend, Andy Jacques-Maynes suffered a horrific crash at a race in Morgan Hill, Calif. He broke 16 bones and wasn't sure if he would even be back on the bike this season.

But Saturday morning, it was Jacques-Maynes (California Giant Berry Farms) of Capitola, Calif., who crossed the finish line first in the Men's 30-34 race, beating Grant Berry of Durango, Colo.

Afterwards, Jacques-Maynes said it was so cold that his contact lenses began to ice up.


Ray Huang said...

Thank you all for giving the run down on our friends in our absence!! As bad as it is-it would be fun to be there and competing. What memories are being made today in the epic conditions. Go Cleveland, Ohio Racers!!!

Brent said...

congrats Andy!

X Bunny said...

way too cool!!

great job andy!! said...

WOW. i was there at that race and i was supposed to be racing it- turns out i left right before the crash, but heard all about it. andy- i am SO happy that you are ok and this is well more than OK. congrats!